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oral cancer screening
What is an Oral Cancer Screening?
Although we provide every patient with an oral cancer screening at every regular check-up, it is best to conduct self-exams every month in between your...
What is Oral Cancer?
It is important to be informed on oral cancer warning signs, diagnosis and treatment. If the disease is left untreated without early detection, it can...
How to Care for Your CEREC Crown Post-Treatment
Now that you have had your CEREC (Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramics) crown placed, you may be wondering what to expect from any post-treatment...
CEREC crowns
Why Choose CEREC Crowns vs. Traditional?
At Central Avenue Dental, we are committed to providing our patients with the most advanced dental treatment available to help you maintain great oral health,...
Benefits of a CEREC Crown
There are many situations for which your dentist may recommend you get a dental crown on one or multiple of your teeth. Crowns can be...
LED whitening
Is LED Whitening Safe For Your Teeth?
Is your smile not as white as it once was? If you are considering options to restore your smile to it’s brightest beauty, you may...
professional whitening
Am I a Good Candidate for Professional Whitening?
Everyone seems to want whiter teeth, and many people have the conception that it is a simple process that anyone can undergo. However, professional whitening...
professional teeth whitening
The Difference With Professional Whitening
Almost everyone wants to have a gleaming, pearly white smile. Many of our patients come in asking about teeth whitening solutions for their individual discoloration...
oral cancer screenings
Oral Cancer Screenings & Bio/Screen
If there were a quick and painless way to identify pre-cancerous cells in the mouth of someone you loved, would you want them to try...

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