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The Only Permanent Tooth Replacement Solution

If you’re missing multiple teeth or are completely edentulous (lacking teeth), you’re likely experiencing issues with your oral health and self-esteem. After a tooth is extracted or falls out, the bone around the empty tooth socket starts shrinking and this continues until it is completely reabsorbed into the body. Tooth and/or bone loss can lead to functional issues such as shifting of surrounding teeth and an increased risk of decay and gum disease. Full mouth dental implants in Charlotte, NC are the gold standard tooth replacement due to their longevity, functional benefits, and natural appearance. Dr. Daniel G. Miller has a passion for placing and restoring dental implants at Central Avenue Dental because he enjoys seeing how this transformative tooth replacement option enables people to smile again and live life to the fullest.

We can help put an end to your painful and discouraging symptoms with full mouth solutions that fit your lifestyle, smile goals, and budget!

Dental implants consist of a post that replicates your tooth root covered by a customized crown that resembles and replaces your natural tooth. Full arch dental implants are the ultimate full mouth tooth restoration and only permanent solution for missing teeth. This tooth replacement solution can restore more than 99% of natural function, meaning you can eat all the foods you love, as well as smile, talk, and laugh without feeling self-conscious! If you’re experiencing the many side effects of missing teeth and looking for a permanent solution, you may be a perfect candidate for full mouth dental implants in Charlotte, NC.

The Limitations of Dentures and Bridges

Although dentures and bridges can help simulate the function of real teeth, they don’t stimulate bone growth or remedy bone loss in your jawbone. Dentures can fall out, click, or slip, and need to be removed every night for cleaning. Although fixed and removable bridges and dentures are possible options for replacing missing teeth, no other dental solution provides the long-lasting, life-changing advantages of full mouth dental implants.
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Traditional Dentures

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Implant Supported Dentures

Full Mouth Dental Implants

Achieve Your Dream Smile with Three High-Tech Steps

Dr. Daniel G. Miller received advanced in dental implantology at the prestigious Midwest Implant Institute and has vast expertise placing and restoring dental implants. Your treatment plan is customized to ensure the best results for your health, smile, function, and confidence. At Central Avenue Dental, we can provide a temporary full arch of new teeth in just one day. We offer this benefit because we don’t want to see you struggle another moment with an incomplete smile. Our dental implant process is carried out in three streamlined stages leveraging advanced technology from beginning to end.

Step 1: Consultation and Planning

At your first consultation, Dr. Daniel G.Miller will discuss the functional and aesthetic goals for your final smile. At Central Avenue Dental, we use the innovative Digital Smile Design protocol that merges digital imaging and 3D software systems with your desired smile expectations. You’ll be able to see how different smiles look to ensure full mouth dental implants closely match the dream smile you envision.

Step 2: Guided Implant Surgery

Before After
Before After

Digital technology enables Central Avenue Dental to create a streamlined, preplanned, and customized solution that eliminates the possibility of error. Using 3D printed guides created during your first consultation Dr. Daniel G. Miller places dental implants in the most optimal areas of your jaw with dense bone. If necessary, he can usually extract any remaining teeth and perform bone grafting during the same appointment. Our practice offers plasma-rich growth factors, bone morphogenetic protein, and plasma-rich fibrin to speed the healing process after extraction. This technology also helps ossify bone around your implants. Digital impressions are taken at this time to help our dental lab design your final restoration. You’ll leave our office with an attached set of comfortable temporary teeth fabricated from a biocompatible material called PMMA that functions fully and looks natural.

Step 3: Healing and Final Restoration

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Typically, it takes three or more months for your treatment site to heal after surgery. During this time, dental implants integrate with your jawbone. Once they fuse, dental implants function like natural tooth roots, providing a secure permanent support for your new fixed teeth. The final stage of the process is fitting you with your custom-made full arch dental implants. We use dental implants from several leading implant companies based on your unique case and smile goals.
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Ready for a Beautiful New Smile?

Digital Design Studio enables us to provide a sneak smile preview of your likely treatment results in Charlotte, NC!
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What Sets Central Avenue Dental Apart

At Central Avenue Dental, we offer top-quality full mouth tooth replacement using the most advanced technology available today. Dr. Daniel G. Miller has extensive credentials and expertise including active membership in the American Dental Association, American Academy of Implant Dentistry, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, American Dental Society of Anesthesiology, North Carolina Dental Society, and Charlotte Dental Society. His commitment to continuing education earned him the prestigious Fellowship title in the Academy of General Dentistry. He offers oral and nitrous oxide sedation and is certified in moderate conscious IV sedation. All implant preparatory treatments including ridge augmentation and sinus lifts are performed in-house, eliminating the need to visit multiple providers.

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Affordable Payment Options, No Hidden Fees, and Warranties

At Central Avenue Dental, we believe quality dental care should be accessible to everyone. That’s why we do everything to help you get necessary care, without breaking the bank. We’ll discuss the cost of treatment before you commit so you’ll never be subjected to hidden fees. We accept all major insurance plans, except for HMO and Medicaid. We’re in network providers with UnitedHealthcare, Delta Dental, USAA, Humana, MetLife, and Cigna. We also offer an exclusive in-office financing program, as well as CareCredit® to help patients achieve their smile and oral health goals with affordable monthly payments.

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