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Everyone seems to want whiter teeth, and many people have the conception that it is a simple process that anyone can undergo. However, professional whitening is the not the answer for every patient. Before you get set on a teeth whitening treatment with us, we’ve created a detailed list of characteristics that could or could not make you a candidate for our professional whitening services at Central Avenue Dental.

Who Will Benefit Most?

The goal of whitening treatment is to make your smile shine brighter and whiter by lightening and removing stains. Although all adult teeth are naturally actually a pale gray or yellow color, tea and coffee drinkers as well as tobacco users most often see this coloring darken and deepen over time and will greatly benefit from professional treatment. There are other dietary habits that can negatively affect tooth coloring, but most of these cause just surface level stains, allowing you to see the results you desire fairly quickly.

We also see many patients with intrinsic stains, or stains that sit below the surface of the enamel. These stains typically have a more grayish tint and are more difficult to brighten. Although a white smile is still possible with intrinsic teeth stains, you should be prepared for a longer process with potential for more tooth sensitivity.

Who Should Not Turn To Professional Whitening?

Professional whitening is not recommended to patients who tend to experience extreme tooth sensitivity or suffer from periodontal disease, damaged enamel, or oral cancer. If your enamel has already been significantly worn down, whitening will only make your teeth appear more translucent rather than radiantly white. It is also highly recommended that you have all cavities and gum disease taken care of before considering any cosmetic dental services.

If you have had any restorative work done on your teeth, like crowns, fillings, or veneers, it is important to know that these teeth will not be affected by whitening treatment. These treatments are made to match the color of your teeth at the time they are placed, so in order to match this color later on, you must have those restorations replaced.

If you have any further questions about cosmetic services with us, call our front desk at 704-900-7301 today! A member of our team would be happy to help determine the best treatment option based on your individual oral health and history. Or use our easy online scheduler to request your next appointment in seconds!

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