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Now You Can Preview Your Dream Smile!

Imagine being able to see your dream smile before treatment even begins? Now you can, thanks to the photo studio at Central Avenue Dental and Digital Smile Design, an innovative protocol that merges digital imaging and 3D software systems with your desired smile expectations. Before we collaborate on the best approach to attain your ideal smile, you’ll be able to view the likely outcome. This helps ensure your new smile closely matches your wishes and specifications. At Central Avenue Dental, we believe in using advanced technology to deliver the best dental care and build strong, long-term connections with our patients. Dr. Daniel G. Miller loves the benefits of Digital Smile Design in Charlotte, NC because our practice is all about healthy smiles!

Dr. Miller

Technology Enables Dream Smiles

At your first consultation, Dr. Daniel G. Miller will sit down with you and discuss your smile goals and potential restorative options. The Digital Smile Design smile simulation process begins with 3D photos and videos of your entire mouth at rest and in motion. We feed this information into the design software to analyze the shape, size, and color of each tooth, as well as gum line placement and overall alignment. All this information will be shared with you, and Dr. Daniel G. Miller will help you decide what procedures will provide a naturally beautiful smile in harmony with your physical characteristics and personality. He may even provide mockups that allow you to “test drive” your new smile to see how customized restorations will look and feel.
Durable and natural-looking permanent restorations will transform the brilliance of your smile so you can live your best life, whether you opt for dental implants, porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges, teeth whitening, and/or clear aligners.

Digital Smile Design Provides Amazing Benefits

Dr. Miller

Care from an Experienced Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Daniel G. Miller is more than a highly trained dentist — he has the artistic vision, right skills, and compassion needed to design beautiful smiles. The Digital Smile Design platform allows him to optimize his skills with more efficiency and precision, including complex cases that require full mouth restoration. This protocol is just one example of how Dr. Daniel G. Miller leverages advanced technology to provide a better patient experience. It fits beautifully with his practice philosophy of treating patients in a stress-free and collaborative setting with open communication. This unique, multidimensional digital protocol visually ensures you’re making the best choices for both your cosmetic and oral health needs.

Better technology means better smiles!

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